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The Conservation Department at the Fondation Beyeler

Conservators play a key role in one of the fundamental tasks of a museum – the long-term conservation and preservation of works of art, to ensure that they will remain accessible to generations to come.

A conservator’s responsibilities include direct measures such as cleaning, consolidation and retouching of works. The profession requires both a comprehensive knowledge of materials and expert artistic skills. A preventive, and hence cautious, approach to conservation is becoming ever-more important.

What is a typical day like for Fondation Beyeler conservator? A principal task is the visual inspection of works. Every visual finding is systematically recorded, enabling the development of strategies best adapted to the conservation of each individual work.� Conservator's activities involve written and visual documentation, scientific investigation, the care of works of art and conservation of their materials. Further important areas of activity are the stewardship of incoming loans, and expert care of works from our own collection lent to museums around the world.

As the range of conservation activities is complex and multi-facetted, the department places great value in networked, interdisciplinary work, both internally and in collaboration with international partners.

The Fondation Beyeler Conservation Department was established in 2001 and at present comprises a team of four, headed by Markus Gross.