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Fondation Beyeler

The “Acanthes” conservation project
The cooperation with Nationale Suisse

The cooperation with Nationale Suisse

Nationale Suisse will support the extensive conservation project at the Fondation Beyeler for a period of several years.

The fragile combination of materials in Matisse’s Acanthes (1953) presents challenges to conservators with various fields of competence. In general, works of modern and contemporary art that employ previously unfamiliar combinations of materials and techniques pose increasingly complex problems, including that of insurance.

The art insurance company Nationale Suisse shares the Fondation Beyeler’s fundamental concern, with many private and institutional collectors, to ensure the survival of cultural goods for the benefit of generations to come. This is why National Suisse supports the scholarly investigation and expert conservation of the “papiers découpés” from the French artist’s late period. The insights gained in the course of the project will benefit the expertise both of our own conservators and the art experts at National Suisse who are responsible for museum works and collectors’ items.

Art possesses great significance for National Suisse. Not only the corporation’s motto, “the art of insurance,” but its important collection of contemporary Swiss art and its insurance policies custom-tailored to the needs of individual clients, reflect the company’s dedication to art. “Protecting cultural assets and ensuring their accessibility to future generations of viewers is one of the most important tasks of an insurance company,” says Dr. Dietrich von Frank, Managing Director HNWI/Art at National Suisse. “When in spring 2009 I approached Sam Keller, Director of the Fondation Beyeler, to explore possibilities of a partnership in this regard between insurer and museum, he suggested we study this key work of Matisse’s.”