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Tuesday, 7. September 2010

"Archives Matisse" visit the Fondation Beyeler

After the Acanthes team visited the Archives Matisse in Paris in May, Wanda de Guébriant, head of the archives, and Georges Matisse, grandson of Henri Matisse, visited the Fondation Beyeler in turn.

The Archives Matisse is the major center devoted to the artist’s life and work. It harbors great portions of his written estate and comprehensive photographic and written documentations.

During our visit a fruitful and exciting exchange developed in which, among other things, key questions regarding provenances, working processes, and the point in time when works on canvas were mounted were discussed in Paris.

With extreme generosity, Ms. de Guébriant and Mr. Matisse made a selection of original painted papers available to the Fondation. Rather than discarding cut-off portions of his papiers découpés, Matisse fortunately kept them. Stored away from light in drawers since his death in 1954, these papers represent an extremely important reference. On the one hand, they permit a more precise investigation of the surface texture and composition of the papers. On the other, the gouache paints provide a reference for analytic investigations of the paints employed in Acanthes and the other papiers découpés in the Fondation Beyeler collection.