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Wednesday, 20. April 2011

Layer Build-Up of Acanthes

Layer Build-Up of Acanthes

Caption: 1 coloured gouache, 2 paper, 3 adhesive, 4 white gouache, 5 white gouache, 6 charcoal line, 7 paper, 8 adhesive, 9 kraft paper, 10 adhesive, 11 canvas, 12 stretcher, 13 retouchings


Schematic surface structure of Acanthes

The layer build-up of the "Papiers Découpés" consists of the visible painted composition and a support of several layers. The employment of the various materials, such as stretchers, canvas, different papers, gouache paints and adhesives resulted from the working process.

In the case of the works in the Beyeler Collection, the surface structure ranges from up to seven layers in Algue blanche sur fond rouge et vert to up to 18 layers in Nu bleu, la grenouille. In the case of Acanthes, 13 different layers were found, only half of which are visible on the image surface.

The paper Matisse painted in gouache colors and cut into shapes (1, 2), the charcoal lines (6), and the background paper (7) originated from the artist’s studio in Nice.

During the mounting of Acanthes on canvas in Paris, the stretchers and textile (11, 12), the heavy paper (9), and the adhesives (3, 8, 10) were added. Moreover, two coats of white gouache were applied to the background paper.

Retouchings were made in the area of the edge at some later point in time (13).